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Reasons for Choosing a Country Club Wedding

Creating a memorable wedding day is always the main goal for many couples. You want the best of what nature and planning have to offer to have a memorable day. The venue will be a deciding factor on how good your day will be. The type of facilities should be a consideration when choosing a wedding venue. For that a country club is the best venue for your wedding.

These are some of reasons why holding your wedding at a country club is a welcome idea.
Exclusive setting
Country clubs tend to be located in high-end neighborhoods with only a few people allowed access. This will give you the space to have a private wedding. Most people do not prefer having their weddings in a country club. You are most likely to be the only wedding function in that day at the venue. You will have not to hurry or be inconvenienced by other weddings.

Beautiful Scenery
Golf clubs are known for beautiful sceneries. They have well maintained lawns and grounds. This gives a beautiful background for your ceremony and the photos. The indoor rooms are also well maintained. You will be able to give your guest a beautiful wedding set up all year round.

Membership not required
Most of the times you will only have access the facilities of a country club when you are a member. It si different when it comes to weddings though. The venue can still be yours even if you are not a member. You will not be limited in any way. You will still experience the best of the places for your big day.Be sure that you will have a great experience at the place.

Amazing food
Most country clubs have cuisines they serve on a daily basis. These meals are prepared by qualified staff hired at the place. The in-house cooks are experienced to prepare the best food for your guest. There is the possibility of custom-made meals if you need. It will save you time and money than if you were to hire food preparation services separately.

Enough space
You should consider a country club for your big wedding. Most tend to have large ballrooms and banquest room which will accommodate your guests. You will be able to accommodate all the guests. They also provide the needed facilities for your guests.They also have the facilities for your guests.

Great Photos
Holding your wedding at a country club cancels the need to change venues to go get beautiful photos, like it happens in other venues. This is because they have beautiful scneris that has well manicured lawns for the beautiful photos. You will save yourself the hassle and time moving to different locations for photos.

Ample parking
Most couples never consider parking when looking for a wedding venue. Yet it is very important.But it is very important. Country clubs have enough parking for your guests. Most have clear indications of getting in and out. It helps in easier movement,

You need to give a consideration to a country club as your wedding venue.

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