How Do You Know If Breast Surgery is Beneficial?

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Whether women plan to increase the size of their breasts or reduce it, breast surgery should not be taken lightly. Many women spend months, if not years, weighing the pros and cons to decide whether surgery is an option that will benefit them. Breast surgery is not necessarily the right choice for all women, so here are several ways to know if you will benefit from it.

Breast size isn’t desirable

Most breast surgeries change the shape and/or size of the patient’s breasts. This results in the removal of fat and tissue, which will reduce their size. Some want bigger breasts so they will have implants inserted instead.

The fact that some women are not happy with their breast size indicates that they may benefit from surgical correction. Maybe their breasts are larger than average, which makes it impossible to buy bras or perhaps they are too small, which bothers them when it comes to wearing specific clothing. Often, one of the first reasons women consider using cosmetic surgery is due to problems with breast proportions.

Breasts change over time

Even the most advanced bras cannot prevent sagging breasts over time. Individual events in a woman’s life such as pregnancy and breastfeeding can also accelerate this change. If you have noticed that your breasts are lower than before or that they seem to be “droopy,” a breast lift may be the treatment for you. There are many who choose to combine breast augmentation and breast lift as part of a “Mommy Makeover” after having their children.

Breasts can be annoying for some

Breasts can be a source of pain and discomfort. Depending on their size, breasts can exert excessive pressure on the neck, shoulders, and back, causing sometimes serious issues. The weight of a person’s breasts is also often the cause of permanent indentations of bra straps in the skin.

Some women who have already had breast surgery are thinking of getting surgery again to change the size of their breast implants, which may be too big or too small. It also happens that pregnancy and breastfeeding alter the shape and size of breasts that were operated on in the past, which requires a new intervention to restore their original state. View Dr. Zacharia’s RateMDs profile for more information.