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Community websites, such as Today Parenting Team, offer a plethora of information. One particular article, for example, explains the benefits and procedures of injectable fillers for the mouth, lips, and cheeks. The longest-lasting performance of fillers is obtained by using Juvederm, which will last for up to twelve month for the mouth and lips. The Voluma injection is used for the cheeks and can last up to twenty-four months.


Injections are ideal ways to address the signs of aging because they are non-invasive and non-surgical. Those laugh lines, thin lips, and sagging cheeks are corrected for a more youthful appearance. The cost is affordable, there is no down time, and many people fit appointments right into their lunch hours. The risks of infection or complications are drastically reduced compared to surgery. A little redness or bruising at the injection sites is the most common side effect, and that is temporary.

The Procedure

A professional consultation begins the process. The doctor learns about desired outcomes and discusses possible options. Any questions will be answered and pricing information is made available. It is important to keep in mind that most procedures warrant a few to several injection sites. Those sites can be injected in one appointment.

At that time, if desired, an appointment date and time will be arranged. A topical anesthesia is applied to minimize any discomfort or stinging sensation. Tiny dots may be placed on the face to indicate injection sites. That is simply for accuracy. Injections begin and can take up to an hour, depending on the number of sites, but typically last only twenty to thirty minutes.

Compare Doctors and Centers

Since injections are so popular, new centers have been opened to meet the demand. Be sure the doctor is board-certified and experienced at giving injections. The precision required takes practice so discover how long the doctor has been offering facial fillers. Pricing will vary from center to center, and from manufacturer to manufacturer. Compare pricing as well to get the best deal on injections.

Looking and feeling younger has never been as easy and affordable as it is today. New injections and non-invasive or minimally-invasive procedures are being introduced into the market frequently. Explore all the options before selecting which will suit the budget, needs, and desired results.