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Rare Childhood Diseases

Diseases are categorized into four types, for instance, there are infectious diseases, psychological diseases, deficiency diseases and genetic diseases. There are some diseases that can be detectable in the early stages, and if symptoms can be detected, you can visit a doctor that they can be cured if it is a curable disease. Some diseases have a cure will others have not yet found a cure.

During childbirth, every child must receive some immunization to prevent some diseases but some diseases in children area and are not curable. Discussed below are some of the rarest childhood diseases to watch out for.

One of the aggressive and extreme types of cancer in children is called neuroblastoma. Neuroblastoma forms especially in the nerve systems and then spread to other parts of the body, and it spreads quickly because it is hard to predict the symptoms in a child, therefore, giving the cancer cells time to spread. Bone pain, alarm in the abdomen, chest, neck and a sometimes painless lump under the skin are some of the symptoms of the neuroblastoma.The disease is inherited.

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy is a disease that is hereditary mainly found in males and rarely in females in the diseases causes progressive muscle loss.A a child such a disease will find it hard to walk, communicate, exercise, breathe and symptoms can lead to memory loss. Moebius Syndrome is another type of diseases that causes the facial muscles to be paralyzed. The result of these diseases that the children suffering from the condition are unable to smile or even close the eyes, and also, they will need assistance when eating.

Hutchinson-Gilford Progeria is another disease which is generic and the causes accelerated aging in children. The child develops some complications especially in the early stages after the birth and symptoms persist and appear more as the child grows past the infancy characterized by loss of sight, cardiovascular diseases, kidney failure and lack of body growth.

Coffin Lowry syndrome is a genetic disease that causes disorders in a child in hearing, growth, vision and causes cardiovascular conditions in the child. There are children with very small abnormal head caused by a condition called microcephaly in the causes of this can be radiations or hazardous materials. Another condition to be aware of and can be treated if you take the child to the baby circumcision Landon is the Marple syrup urine disease which is caused by lack of enzymes that break the amino acid.